Co presented by Bach Before Bedtime and Festival de Casteliers


"Legend has it that one day Pythagoras was amazed by the sounds that blacksmiths made when they struck their pieces of metal [...]. When he returned home, the Greek thinker hastened to explore sound and invent new instruments."

In this co-creation by Rachel Warr (Dotted Line Theatre) and Benjamin Oliver, performed by the musicians of Paramirabo, our hero, the modern-day Pythagoras, invites children aged 3 to 12 (but also adults) to follow him in his surreal, amusing and even danceable experiments.




Salle Bleue | Édifice Wilder

Stage Director, conceptor : Rachel Warr
Conductor, composer : Benjamin Oliver
Artistic Director, Paramirabo : Jeffrey Stonehouse
Production Coordinator : Florence Tremblay
Lighting Director : Sarah Gagné
Technical Director : Guillaume Barette
Puppeteer : Gilbert Taylor
Marionnettiste : Edie Edmundson
Puppet Maker : Jan Zalud
Puppet Wrangler : Sue Dacre
Puppet Wrangler : Keith Frederick
Prop maker : Adrian Hornsby
Prop maker : Anne Freier
Prop maker : Bethan Gudgin
Prop maker : Laurie Paul
Animation : Laura Spark
Photography : Tom Crame


A Paramirabo production in co-production with Le Vivier, Bach Before Bedtime and the Casteliers Festival