Alla Zagaykevych portrait // VivierMix

with Chants libres, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Paramirabo and Productions SuperMusique

Photo d'Alla Zagaykevych
Photo d'Alla Zagaykevych

In solidarity with Ukrainian artists, Le Vivier has invited Alla Zagaykevych to a residency for the 22-23 season. Enter the musical universe of the Ukrainian composer and let yourself be immersed in her works that subtly mix instrumental music and electronics. Alla Zagaykevych's music, inspired by poetry, suggests enchanting atmospheres. In this concert curated by the composer, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, the Productions SuperMusique, Paramirabo, and Chants Libres will perform works from her catalogue.

Alla Zagaykevych, a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Academy of Music in Kyiv and Ircam in Paris, has also created numerous soundtracks and gained recognition for her multimedia installations. This concert is part of a creative residency at Le Vivier and is a testament to the resilience of the artist, who had to leave her war-torn country. "The days of fear wait before me - the relentless days.” These lines by Mykhaïl Semenko (1892-1937), a futurist poet who inspired one of the pieces on the program, Misto, resonate with a troubling topicality.


  • : Voice/Way , 2013 (by Paramirabo) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and tape
  • : Et dans un long tournoiement j'entrerai dedans l'étang céleste , 1996 (by Nouvel Ensemble Moderne - NEM) for bassoon, double bass, clarinet / bass clarinet and band
  • : Nord/Ouest , 2012 (par Productions SuperMusique) for percussion and tape




Salle multimédia (MMR) de l'École de musique Schulich de l’université McGill | CIRMMT


Presale 22$
Regular 30$
Reduced (Students, Vivier members, over 65s, etc.) 18$

Guest curator: Alla Zagakevych

Event presented in co-production with Chants Libres, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Paramirabo and Productions SuperMusique

In partnership with CIRMMT

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