We are for a while [postponed]

Visuel du concert We are for a while

Electronics • Recycling • Objects

Visuel du concert We are for a while

Electronics • Recycling • Objects

“We Are For A While” is a quietly moving ode to recycling and to the potential hiding within broken and discarded everyday objects. With Vitalija Glovackyte (objects, lighting and electronics), Lori Freedman and Michael Cutting, Architek Percussion uses homemade instruments constructed out of junk salvaged from skips, waste bins, and recycling centres.

The piece is a 45-minute work for four performers, electronics and lighting. This playful performance features artists committed to finding value in the discarded, and music in the trash. Expanding on the notion of recycling, they reuse and “recycle” the music of other composers, which find new life under their fingers and real-time lighting. “We Are For A While” is about the everyday experience of living in a ‘developed’ economy, with its staggering amounts of waste, mountains of accumulated consumer goods, and little thought for the origins of objects or their environmental impact.



Salle multimédia (MMR) de l'École de musique Schulich de l’université McGill | CIRMMT


Prévente 18$
Régulier 28$

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Tickets will go on sale gradually, depending on government announcements regarding the reopening of theatres.

Entry to the room will only be allowed on presentation of the vaccination passport.


This event will be presented with the respect of the wearing of the mask and the sanitary protocols: See the sanitary measures

Co-presented by Architek Percussion and Le Vivier