Québec / Pays Basque

Visuel du concert Québec / Pays Basque

Encounter • Creation • Tradition

Visuel du concert Québec / Pays Basque

Encounter • Creation • Tradition

A meeting between two cultures, two musics, two traditions. Creations by Quebec and Basque composers unite Quasar and the Trio Zukan in an unprecedented conjunction!

Following a cultural exchange in the Spanish Basque Country, the desire cameto create a meeting between the Quebec and Basque new music communities. 
The Trio Zukan embodies its culture in a straightforward manner by combining contemporary and traditional instrumentation with percussion, accordion and txistu (a Basque flute). Quasar is committed to contemporary creation through multiple innovative approaches. Creating a clash between contemporary music from Quebec and the Basque Country seems to be an unprecedented step, which calls for dialogue, openness and sharing. 

This concert invites you to discover the result of this collaboration, which promises to be rich in unprecedented sonority





Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur


Prévente 18$
Régulier 28$

Reduced (Students, etc.)



Entry to the room will only be allowed on presentation of the vaccination passport.


This event will be presented with the respect of the rules of distancing, the wearing of the mask and the sanitary protocols: See the sanitary measures


Co-produced by Le Vivier and Quasar saxophone quartet in collaboration with Trio Zukan.