Màs allà del rojo : Triptyque d’Argentine (WEBDIFFUSION)

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Franco-Argentine composer Luis Naón, Stick&Bow and Ensemble Paramirabo join forces for an immersive evening at the heart of the creative universe of this multi-faceted artist. An evening of wandering that will charm both contemporary music enthusiasts and neophytes alike, thanks to Naón’s varied language and rhythmic style.

The program will include three of Naón's major works, punctuated by the piece Lascaux expérience, which acts as a thread through Naón’s different compositional periods. The piece Rastros will be a world premiere for this surprising octet that will bring together both ensembles on stage. Tango del desamparo will capture the audience with its intimate narration and the performance of the musicians. Finally, the eponymous piece Màs allà del rojo (Beyond the Red) will bring together passion, violence, lyricism and poetry in a rich and demanding work that makes dramatic articulation an essential element of the musical experience.





Darling Foundry

Captation : La Conserve Média


Co-presented by Stick&Bow and Ensemble Paramirabo, in collaboration with Le Vivier


This concert was supported by the SACEM and the Consulado de Argentina en Montreal


sacem       Consulado de Argentina en Montreal