Of Sound, Mind and Body: Concert #7 (live webdiffusion)

Photo with the 4 guitarists

Improvisation • Diversity • Encounter

Photo with the 4 guitarists

Improvisation • Diversity • Encounter

Two concert events for the launch of Tim Brady's new 3 CD collection Actions Speak Louder - on Redshift Records.

This concert brings together the improvising collective of Tim Brady, Shawn Mativetsky and Helmut Lipsky. They call this collaboration Of Sound, Mind and Body. The group plays a totally improvised music, which reflects the plurality of experience of the musicians: rock "riff", jazz chords, classical or tango melodies, world percussion, electronic sound and noise - everything is allowed. The three musicians invite you to an evening that reflects the approach of their Triple Concerto: Because Everything Has Changed. This piece is a 40-minute improvisation made of remote recordings and digital edits of orchestral samples written by Tim Brady. For this concert, the trio invited Frédéric Alarie - a Montreal jazz bassist known for his virtuosity and versatility.


Multimedias and news

Videos - Tim Brady 100 virtual guitars - 2021
50 guitares - Oratoire St. Josef - 2019




Amphitheatre | Gesù


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Solidarity ticket (2)* : 25$
Solidarity ticket (3)* : 40$

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10% off the regular price with the purchase of two Tim Brady concerts (For Masked Singers, Four Guitars et Of Sound, Mind and Body)


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