H2O day

Image of a wave

Encounter • Musical repertoire • Blue gold

Image of a wave

Encounter • Musical repertoire • Blue gold

The day’s schedule:

3 pm | Blue Gold Concert
4 pm | Round-table
5:30 pm | Sounds of Water concert

During the afternoon, you are invited to attend a round-table with experts discussing Quebec water issues and then listen to two concerts presenting musical works that evoke the different forms that water can take and the sounds made by those who live in it.

Discover the sonic richness of drops falling from icicles on a spring day that inspired Water Music by Yves Daoust. Immerse yourself in a Tim Brady musical meditation for electric guitar inspired by the fact that 60% of the human body is made up of water. Let yourself be carried away by the universe of Jared Miller who is intrigued by the songs of the blue whale and its perception, and who composed Leviathan performed by the Paramirabo Ensemble. Enjoy the textured movement of waves offered by the Molinari Quartet performing Waves by R. Murray Schafer, or the never ending flow of the St. Lawrence River in Alain Perron's Débacle played by the Sixtrum Percussion Ensemble. Listen to the smooth sounds of aquatic whirlpools played by the M.A.Beliveau Trio, A.Pappathomas and R.Burman.

A true musical tribute to Blue Gold!

For more information, visit the website for the Sounds of Water project.


  • Blue Gold Concert

  • : 60% , 2020 for electric guitare and electronics
     - premiere
  • Jared Miller
    : Leviathan , 2018 for septuor and electronics
  • Round-table

  • Attitudes and habits towards the St. Lawrence river
  • Sounds of Water Concert

  • Alain Perron
    : Débâcle , 2016 for percussions and video
  • Rachel Burman
    : Extraits de Slideshow for voice, cello, invented instruments


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Leviathan by Jared Miller
R. Murray Schafer - String Quartet No. 2 "Waves" (1976)



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Free concerts with a pass

In order to respect social distancing, 4 additional seats will be blocked (2 on each side).