Oper’Actuel 2019 Works In Progress → Concert

Photo of the event
Photo of the event

Opera in all its forms!

Chants Libres unveils new forms of lyric writing through six excerpts of opera works in progress. Family public opera, musical theater and more experimental styles will succeed one another, including an excerpt from L’orangeraie, the next big production of Chants Libres. This unique program is a rare opportunity to take the pulse of new trends in opera on an international scale. Discover first-hand the operas of tomorrow performed by Montréal’s emerging artists!


  • Mathilde Côté
    : La nuit est ma femme (excerpt)
  • Anthony R. Green
    Clio Em
    : Sleep (excerpt) for 2 sopranos and piano
  • Stefan Weisman
    David Côté
    : American Atheist (excerpt)
  • L'orangeraie (excerpt)


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Oper’Actuel 2019 Works In Progress: Concert



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Rencontre pré-concert: Composer un opéra aujourd’hui?

(Samedi 16 mars)


Ana Candida
Mathilde Côté
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