Marina Thibeault: Elles solo

Un récital consacré à des œuvres pour alto, écrites essentiellement par des femmes des XXe et XXIe siècles.




Marina Thibeault, a fervent ambassador of new music and a 2016-2017 Radio-Canada discovery, continues her tribute to female composers. She will perform a recital devoted to works for viola, written mainly by women of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

To Ana Sokolović’s Prelude, with its rich and deep sound is added Kaija Saariaho’s Night Wind, inspired by a poem by Georges Trakl that alternates between a game of mirror symmetry and variations on a glissando in the form of a sigh. Marina Thibeault unveils the sound palette of her instrument in The Child, Bringer of Light by Anna Pidgorna which explores the emotional states of childhood as inspired by Carl Jung’s archetype of the child. She will immerse us in the contrasting world of composer Dorothy Chang and will pay tribute to the inspiring and gifted Lilian Fuchs by performing her Pastoral Sonata.

Here is a concert that will reveal all facets of the viola through beautiful and intense musical moments!