Électro libre

Une véritable odyssée numérique célébrant des œuvres qui ont aussi marqué 20 ans de recherche, d’innovation et de collaboration, tant locale qu’internationale.




For the final concert of its anniversary season, Quasar celebrates 20 years of creative work in mixed music. It has been a veritable digital odyssey highlighting works that have marked 20 years of research, innovation and collaboration at both local and international levels. The combination of saxophones and new technologies has profoundly marked the history of this quartet. Through collaborations with composers from all horizons, Quasar has surveyed and created paths to these new territories and will now invite you to join them for a unique evening. Real time sound processing, electronic tracks, video, spatialization, virtual identities — so many ways to explore the world of sound and deliver an immersive, sensitive and surprising experience to the public.