CartelMTL 2014, Suoni Per Il Popolo 2014Philip Jeck, Michaela Grill & Karl Lemieux + Richard Skelton & Autumn Richardson

  • Thursday, June 12, 2014
    8:30 pm

    Regular: $15.00

    Senior: $13.00

    Student: $13.00




Austrian video artist Michaela Grill, Canadian filmmaker Karl Lemieux and British turntablist Philip Jeck, will present a unique and improvised audio-visual performance in which image and sound, analog and digital elements are synergistically interwoven.

Richard Skelton and Autumn Richardson’s deeply emotional, somber and contemplative music is the minimal sound of voice, guitar, violin and the intense gamut of textures conjured from their interplay. Their latest album Succession is assembled from recordings made for their first album under the name *AR, Wolf Notes.