Michel Longtin

Michel Longtin was first trained in sciences. In 1967, he received a Bachelor of Arts at the Collège des Eudistes in Montréal. Meanwhile, he devoted himself to theatre, stage directing and pantomime at The Banff School of Fine Arts during the summers of 1963 and 1964. The time spent in Banff is recalled in several of his musical themes (Au nord du lac Supéireur, La mort du Pierrot, etc.). Having decided to study music in 1968, he pursued simultaneously training sessions in computer science, studies in stage directing and private music lessons with André Prévost. In 1970, he registered in the composition program at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montréal, where he completed a Baccalaureate in Music (1973) as well as a Master’s degree under André Prévost, and a doctorate with Serge Garant (1982). At the same time, he attended various music classes at McGill University and at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. He is currently a full professor of composition and analysis at the University of Montréal. Michel Longtin was first interested in electroacoustic music for ten years. He began working on his Trilogie de la montagne at the Bourges Studio (France) in 1977, and completed it at the electronic music studio of McGill University in 1980. His themes, both in his instrumental music and his electroacoustic works, reflect an expressionist, albeit very personal, style. Programmatic elements are current features in works such as Trilogie, La route des Pèlerins reclus, Lettre posthume de Conrad and Quaternions.