Monique Jean

In her work as an electroacoustic composer and sound artist, Monique Jean is interested in the tensions, ruptures and clashes of sonic matter that produce a transmutation of the real into the poetic. This search for an organic substance takes various forms according to each project and technology at play: stereo or multitrack electroacoustic pieces, mixed music with live treatments, sound installations (Point d’attaches ou les infidélités rotatives), and live performance as part of the improvisers’ collective Theresa Transistor (2005 Opus Award for Concert of the Year — musique actuelle & electroacoustic music). Monique Jean is also involved in various collaborative projects, among which: Calendar with choreographer Tedi Tafel and Dancing on the Edge of Darkness, a 5-screen video and electroacoustic music piece with visual artist Monique Bertrand.